A History Rich in Tradition
Established during the days of the Alaska Gold Rush, American Legend Auctions (formerly Seattle Fur Exchange) is the oldest and most celebrated fur auction house in the world.  Seattle Fur Exchange began operations in 1898 as a store where miners, needing a reliable source of income, would barter wild Alaskan furs for much needed supplies such as food, clothes and tools.  Within a few years, the trading business grew into a full-fledged fur pelt auction house.
Today, American Legend is owned entirely by North American mink producers.  Although it is rich with tradition and history, American Legend prides itself on being the most aggressive and inventive auction house in the fur industry.  Our expertly qualified fur technicians bring more than 200 years of combined experience to the preparation, sorting and grading of furs.  Each pelt is carefully sorted by color, texture, nap, and size to very precise specifications for eventual use in the world's finest fashions.  Our goal is to create maximum value for the producer and the ultimate consumer of our product.
The facilities at American Legend's headquarters provide an exceptional business environment for the auctions.  We offer the latest technology for use by our customers in communicating with their home offices, wherever that may be.  In our spacious and comfortable inspection area, the fur pelts are exhibited prior to sale.  Our goal is to ensure that buyers from more than different 20 countries can bid on fine quality North American ranch-raised mink with complete confidence in the product and with the knowledge that our auctions are efficient and fair.